Flickr in disarray?

Strange things afoot at Flickr. They seem over run with porn spam. Just as staff solved the issue of spammers using mentions to draw people to porn ads, there are now bots creating dozens if not hundreds of new accounts a day to fill groups with more pornography ads. Then there is another spate of sites using the Flickr API to scrape people’s images and display them in unauthorized ways. Stats are borked and so are notifications for many folks.

It is not all doom and gloom though. The Flickr Blog top 25 seemed to feature some amazing images this year and they got there by more normal merit than hidden Flickr curation… although still some of that detected.

Well, I hope 2018 is a better year for Flickr friends than 2017. Either way… Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Flickr in disarray?”

  1. Yes, I got a bunch of that spam on Flickr. I was surprised to see that once I reported it, Flickr got back to me and it was gone. I think 2018 is going to be a good year for Flickr. I already see, for one thing, people saying they’re doing less on InstaFacebook and more on Flickr.

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  2. Updates on this site have been so rare in the past, that it took me a while to notice that indeed there is a new post 😉
    Wrt other photo sites, especially Instagram I note that more and more of my Flickr followers open accounts on Instagram as well, and tend to be more (some way more) active there.
    With the takeover of Yahoo by Verizon I expect that there will be some changes to Flickr to make it a profitable part of the business. I’m curious – let’s see what 2018 brings.
    HNY Saffron!


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